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Giving Hope to Refugees

Through language, financial opportunities and friendship

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Monthly support for Torrance and Millie

Thank you so much for your monthly donation or one time gift! We love joining God is this work with refugees in Austin!

A little about me: I've been married to Torrance for 24 years, and have two girls: Averi (age 17, she's going to be a senior in high school – shocking!), and Addison (age 7, and will be in second grade). Torrance is working on a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Business and Organizational Leadership from Arizona State University and will finish Summer 2018. This degree is paid for through Starbucks where he works as a manager. God keeps us busy with family, ministry, school and work.

Unfortunately, Torrance's pay with Starbucks is not enough to support our family so I am raising funds to continue working in ministry and help support my family. I have prayed long and hard about this, and KNOW God wants me to stay in ministry and raise funds. Although, having ministry funds for ELA and HSM is great, we are mainly looking for PERSONAL monthly ministry support. We need basic living funds.

You probably noticed that this email has the Christian Resource Center on it. The CRC is a new partner for us who is providing free email communication and a donor management service. All funds that you provide for our family through this donate button will come to us minus a industry standard processing fee.